Terms of Service

Domain Sales Terms of Service:


1. The buyer will provide accurate information.

2.The buyer agree to these Terms of Service and confirms that they or their organization do not claim a legal right to the registration of the domain name.


When buying a domain for another entity, the buyer confirms that:

a. They have authority to complete the purchase;

b. The entity does not claim any legal right to the registration of the domain name; and

c. Are authorized by the entity to make the representation.


3. If the domain name is no longer available for sale because it sold on another platform or for any other reason then the sale on this platform will not continue.

4. Prices quoted by the seller are subject to change and are not to be considered finalized until an execution of a Purchase Agreement signed by both parties.

5. Seller has the right to cancel any deal prior to the signing of the Purchase Agreement by both parties.